About Us

CEO Message

Dear valued customers,

As the CEO of Fire Systems Ltd., I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our company. Our team is committed to providing high-quality firefighting equipment to ensure the safety of your properties and your loved ones. We pride ourselves on being a 100% Ugandan-owned business, and we are dedicated to serving our local communities across Uganda.

At Fire Systems Ltd., we understand that the safety of your home or business is of utmost importance, and we are here to help you with all your firefighting needs. Our team of experts is highly skilled and knowledgeable in the sale and servicing of all types of firefighting equipment, and we are also commission agents. We provide a wide range of products and services, including fire alarms, extinguishers, suppression systems, and emergency lighting, among others. Our goal is to ensure that you have the best possible protection in the event of a fire emergency. We are committed to delivering reliable and efficient services, and we look forward to working with you.

Our Mission

Our mission at Fire Systems LTD is to provide the highest quality firefighting equipment and services to our clients in Uganda. We are dedicated to safeguarding lives and property, and our goal is to help prevent fires through the provision of top-of-the-line equipment and expert advice.

Our Vision

Our vision at Fire Systems LTD is to be the leading provider of firefighting equipment and services in Uganda, known for our quality products, exceptional service, and commitment to safety.

Our Green Policy

We are committed to protecting the environment and minimizing our ecological impact. Our green policy includes measures such as using energy-efficient lighting and appliances, reducing paper usage through digital communications, recycling materials, and promoting environmentally friendly products. We aim to continuously evaluate and improve our practices to ensure that we are doing our part to preserve the planet for future generations.

Our Core Values

Integrity: We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct in all of our business dealings.

Quality: We are dedicated to providing only the highest quality firefighting equipment and services to our clients, ensuring their safety and satisfaction.

Customer Service: We are passionate about providing exceptional customer service, and strive to build strong, lasting relationships with our clients based on trust and reliability.

Innovation: We are committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the firefighting industry, and continuously seek out new and innovative ways to improve our products and services.

Community: We are committed to giving back to the communities we serve, and actively support various initiatives that promote safety and wellbeing.

About Fire Systems Ltd.

Fire Systems Limited is a Ugandan company that specializes in the sale and servicing of firefighting equipment. Established in 1991, the company has a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that produces a wide range of fire-fighting equipment, including fire extinguishers, fire cabinets, fire hoses, pumps, mobile and advanced fire-fighting systems, and fire trucks. The company's directors are all Ugandan.

Fire Systems Limited's mission is to provide comprehensive and reliable fire protection services that protect lives and properties. The company has a modern workshop staffed by qualified technicians and professionals who provide cost-effective fire protection engineering.

Thanks to its reputation for quality and reliability, Fire Systems Limited is a trusted name in industries, public buildings, oil companies, hotels, and other organizations. The company's position as a market leader is based on its dedication to jobs well done and the ability to foresee the needs of the industry.

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More About Us

To maintain its competitive edge, Fire Systems Limited has developed a network of competent and integrated technicians and professionals who provide the skills, resources, products, and services needed to fight fires in any environment. The company constantly innovates to achieve excellence and maximize firefighting safety and effectiveness.

Fire Systems Limited meets national and international standards, including British Standards, BS, EN3, and NFPA Standards. The company also stocks state-of-the-art imported brands to complement its wide range of products.

Fire Systems Limited's engineering division is renowned for its experience and reliability in systems and equipment. The company provides comprehensive training, efficient maintenance, and thorough systems know-how to reduce fire risks for its clients. Its project management team handles tenders, full documentation, and technical backup services.

Fire Systems Limited has helped countless clients prevent dangerous and costly fires, including households, offices, high-rising buildings, complexes, factories, oil companies, stadiums, and other large installations.

The company's major product line services include all types and sizes of portable and mobile dry powder, carbon dioxide, foam, water, BTM 1301, and FM 2000 fire extinguishers, fire hose reels and cabinets, fire hydrants, firefighting pump sets, booster pump sets, dry and wet riser equipment, valves, sprinkler systems, fire alarm systems (analogue addressable and conventional), emergency lighting systems, foam systems, FM 200 fire suppression systems, carbon dioxide extinguishing systems, breathing apparatus, fire proximity and entry suits, carbon dioxide filling devices, dry powder filling machines, fire vehicles, trucks, trailers, and rescue vans, and dry powder chemicals ABCE and BC.

Fire Systems Limited's customers include the Madhvani Group of Companies, Kakira Sugar Limited, Mweya Safari Lodge, Parra Safari Lodge, Mwera/Nakigalala Tea Estate, Steel Corporation of East Africa, Don (U) Limited, East African Roofing Systems (Ears) Limited, Nile Breweries Limited, Omega Constructions Limited, Orient Bank Limited, East African Packaging Solutions Limited, Mukwano Group of Companies, Dott Services Limited, Uni Oil (U) Limited, U.P.D.F. Stores, Steel and Tubes Industries Limited, Cipla Quality Chemicals Industries Limited, Ainushamsi Energy (U) Limited, St. Francis Hospital Nsambya, Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Kampala, and Exim Bank (U) Limited.