1. Ensure Automatic ZONECHECK ic installed both mechinically and electrically, commission and texted prior to leaving site.

2. If the Automatic ZoneCheck could be wired when the sprikler system zone is drained down then it is vitally important that the ZoneCheck red and green valves are left in the closed position, to ensure the motor is not accidentally run dry and damaged.
(Please ensure the commisioning engineer is aware of the closed Automatic ZoneCheck valve status.)

3. Always use a flat faced wrench for Automatic ZoneCheck Commissioning

4. The suggested location for the keyswitch is at low level, adjacent to fire alarm panel.

5.Fix operating instructions to wall, preferablly next to KeySwitch.

6. Each Automatic ZoneCheck is factory assembled and tested. DO NOT attempt to reconfigure tempering will INVALIDATE THE WARRANTY.

7. Standard Automatic ZoneChecks are "Right Handed". "Left Handed" ZoneChecks are available on request.

8. Maximum working pressure 12 bar, test pressure 18 bar.

9.Use Automatic ZoneCheck flow switch testers in wet-pipe system only. DO NOT use in dry pipe, Delgue, or preaction systems.

10. Only active the Automatic ZoneCheck KeySwitch when the valves are opened and the sprinkler system is full.

11. Three year limited warranty against defect in material & workmanship under normal use and service from the date of manufacturing. We are not obligated to repair or replace units which are found to be defective because of damage, unreasonable use, modifications, or alterations occuring after the date of manufacturing. In no case we are liable for any consequential or incidental demages for breach of this or any other warranty, expresses or implied whatsoever, even if the loss or damage is cause by the company's negligence or fault.


» Automatic ZoneCheck Commissioning Procedure

» Automatic ZoneCheck KeySwicth Specification
» Automatic ZoneCheck Wiring

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